Natural Wax Candles

Hand poured in the farmhouse kitchen with 100% natural wax (a blend of coconut and rapeseed waxes) this candle will burn for at least 45 hours.




Available in three different scents:


The encompassing aroma of spring in a jar.  A beautifully fresh and light bluebell fragrance that will fill your home, with undertones of hyacinth and musk.



The soothing scent of lavender, to help bring calm and relaxation.


Rose & Damson

Sweet orchard fruits with a musky rose undertone and a hint of patchouli to ground and balance.


(We also sell reed diffusers in these three lovely scents.)


To get the best from your candle:

 - trim the wick between each use

 - the first time you light your candle let it burn for long enough that the liquid wax pool reaches the sides - this will help encourage an even burn.


Be sure to reuse or recycle your jar.  If you are local and can return your jar, we can reuse it and you will be offered £1 off your next candle purchase.



Natural Wax Candles