The Sussex Meadow Cottage Garden Seed Collection

Enjoy armfuls of beautiful blooms next spring/summer.  We have put together a gift selection of four of our favourite flowers to grow - easy, unfussy flowers that will reward even the novice gardener with armfuls of blooms to enjoy.


Four packets of seeds presented in a lovely gift box.


Full growing instructions on each packet.


Sweetpeas (20 seeds)

Everyone's favourites.  I was delighted with the feedback from growers of last year's seeds and look forward to seeing much more success with this year's fresh seed.  A mix of all colours.


Cosmos (30 seeds)

A high producer for late summer, the double-click series are my favourites as they are flouncier than some other varieties. This is a mix of pinks and white.


Nigella (100 seeds)

Otherwise known as 'Love In A Mist' and such a rewarding flower to grow. A mix of blue, purple and white, this flower self seeds, so once grown, you are likely to have them in your garden for evermore.  The seed pods are lovely dried.


Zinnia (30 seeds)

A mix of the Queen Series; the beautiful lime and red lime varieties add lovely shades to arrangements for late summer.





The Sussex Meadow Cottage Garden Seed Collection